We Stand Together

To Our Community: 

Throughout our country, tensions are high, and we are witnessing in real time the continuation of racism and violence against black people — and activism as a result. 

As a nation, we must do better. As a health system, we can do better, too. 

Unfortunately, racism is systemic, and it has been ingrained in our society for centuries with devastating consequences for people of color. It has led to inequalities in opportunities, income, housing, education and access to affordable health insurance and quality health care — just to cite a few examples. Every day, people of color are directly impacted by institutional racism, oppression and other societal injustices. 

As an organization, Middlesex Health works hard to provide the safest, highest-quality health care and the best experience possible to all patients regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. Middlesex is committed to its fundamental values: inclusion, equity and respect. Racism, in all its forms, runs counter to these values and is not tolerated. 

We hold these fundamental values dear and care deeply for our community. We are committed to being part of the solution and supporting healing for those who have been victims of an unjust system. We stand together for a better future.


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Vincent G. Capece, Jr.
President and CEO