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Middlesex Health is proud to offer services across the continuum of care including options for care after a stay in the hospital 

Middlesex Homecare provides advanced, technology-driven medical care in the place most comfortable to you – home. Our home care professionals are dedicated to offering the right mix of support, personalized care & independence that you or your loved one needs. 

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Being ready to leave the hospital or rehabilitation center does not always mean that someone is ready to live at home alone. Recovery and recuperation can take time and require some personal attention. For those who may need short-term assistance, we can provide the 24-hour support and companionship not always available at home. It may be just what is needed to transition back to your former living arrangement.

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If you have been in the hospital, it is very important to us that you are safe after you leave.  Our case managers will work together with you, your family, your doctors and nurses, and the rest of your care team to help create an individualized plan for your post-hospital care.  

Call Case Management:  860-358-6490

A case manager is a specially trained nurse who helps you figure out insurance issues while you are in the hospital and helps you plan for discharge. Some of the things the case manager can help you with are: 

  • Getting medical equipment like walkers, hospital beds, and other supplies for your home 
  • Setting up homecare services
  • Getting you registered for short-term rehabiliation if needed

Your case manager will work with you and your entire care team to help put together a plan that is unique to you.  

You will receive written instructions when you are discharged from the hospital to go home. These instructions will include:

  • General guidelines about your diet
  • Recommended activity levels
  • How to care for yourself at home
  • Information about the medications you will be taking at home 

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for yourself after you go home, we encourage you or your family to talk to your case manager.

Most patients are able to go home after they are in the hospital.  Your case manager will give you information about Middlesex Health Homecare and help you get any equipment or services that you need to be safe at home.  

Not everyone will go directly home from the hospital. Patients who live alone with no support or need a little more recovery time may go to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for a short period of time before returning home. If transfer to a rehabilitation facility is recommended, the case manager will provide you with a list of facilities that meet your medical needs and are also convenient for you and your family.

You can call your case manager at 860-358-6490.