Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)


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Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy to improve delays with communication, motor skills, and behavioral concerns for those on the Autism Spectrum. Research shows that consistent ABA can significantly improve behaviors and academic skills. ABA takes large goals and objectives that may be too complex for the learner and breaks them down into small objectives to meet the client's needs. ABA helps to understand how behaviors work, how behaviors are affected by the environment, and how learning occurs for the learner. 

How can ABA help my child? 

ABA can help improve:

• Social interactions by increasing language and communication skills

• Learn new skills such as memory and academics 

• Increase positive behaviors

• Regulate reactions to strong emotions like frustration, excitement, anger, and embarrassment

ABA also helps transfer skills and behavior from one situation to another, controlling situations where negative behaviors arise and minimizing negative behaviors.

How often are services provided? 

The length of time spent in ABA depends on the severity of the problem and individual rate of improvement.

Why The Mayer Center? 

Our treatment space offers a gym as well as a sensory room for the children to take breaks in. Additionally, the center has work spaces for the children to work one on one with their therapist as well as a large space to work on social skills. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will work closely with families to create an individualized program for each client. Our ABA therapists attend ongoing training to increase their understanding of ASD and improve their skills in ABA. Both our BCBAs and ABA therapists recognize how important it is to collaborate with not only other providers but with the family as well.