Middlesex Hospital: 24 Hours Later

Press Release, February 23, 2018

MIDDLETOWN — Yesterday’s incident challenged Middlesex Hospital and the Middletown community in many ways. The Hospital is very thankful for the assistance provided by the many police and firefighters who quickly responded and the Middletown mayor’s office, and it is working cooperatively with law enforcement and many other agencies today and in the days ahead.

The Hospital would also like to thank the state Department of Public Health, local community agencies and other hospitals in Connecticut for their help and support. During this difficult time, it is heartwarming to see everyone come together in this way.

Middlesex Hospital has emergency plans in place to use as needed, and it conducts emergency drills on a regular basis as a way to prepare for a variety situations. Yesterday, the unthinkable happened, and Hospital staff responded quickly and appropriately. It is because of their efforts and the help of first responders that all patients and employees are safe.

The Hospital recognizes that it is embarking on a large cleanup effort, and that process has already begun. It is working around the clock to resume normal operations and is taking additional steps to reinforce the safety of all its facilities.

The Hospital’s first priority is always the safety of its patients and staff. Barriers are being installed today in front of the Hospital’s Emergency Department entrance in Middletown and at its two other Emergency Department locations in Marlborough and Westbrook. The Hospital continues to assess whether barriers are needed at other Middlesex facilities.

The Middlesex Hospital Emergency Department in Middletown is currently closed until further notice. While the Hospital will do its best to help anyone who walks into the Hospital with a medical problem, patients should visit the Hospital’s Emergency Department locations in Marlborough and Westbrook if possible. The Hospital has also canceled non-emergency surgeries and outpatient lab tests and radiology tests that were scheduled to take place at the Hospital today.

The Hospital is now allowing visitors. However, it is still limiting who can visit patients staying at the Hospital due to the prevalence of the flu. These restrictions were put in place earlier this month for the safety of both patients and staff.

Anyone who has the flu, or has flu-like symptoms, should not visit a patient in the Hospital. Only immediate family members or a designated support person may visit patients. Patients may only have a maximum of two visitors at a time, and no one under the age of 18 may visit patients unless special permission is granted.

Again, Middlesex Hospital is extremely grateful for all of the help and support it has received this week, and it will continue to provide updates regarding its building and the services it offers.

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Amanda Falcone

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