Oct 8

Newborn Care Class

Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, but our expert staff can help you learn to care for your baby and cope with the demands of being a new parent.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Virtual/Online Session
Cost: $30.00 per couple
Registration: Closed
Newborn Care Class

About This Event

A three-hour session during which you can learn how to:

  • Care for your newborn
  • Cope with the demands of having a new baby
  • Understand what you need to know prior to discharge from the hospital

This class is offerend approximately once a month.

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Costs & Registration Information

Cost to Attend?

$30.00 per couple

Registration Information

Registration Required

Registration is required to attend. Registration is closed once registrations reach maximum capacity.

To Register:

Registration is closed.



Directions, Parking & Maps

Virtual/Online Session is located at: This class or event takes place online.

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