Middlesex Hospital believes that ensuring patient health and safety is our duty as a healthcare organization. Because of that belief, we have just completed a mandatory flu vaccination program for all of our doctors, nurses, other employees and volunteers. We are one of only a handful of hospitals in the state to take this bold move.

Everyone came together as one, with the goal of protecting our patients, our staff and the community, from the spread of the flu this season. My sincere thanks for their strong dedication and commitment.

Middlesex Hospital has taken this very important step to protect our patients from the flu this season. Now, we would like to ask you, as members of our community, to take important steps as well to limit the spread of the flu virus. If you come to the Hospital during flu season, we will ask that you take extra, preventive measures. This may mean washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before you visit a patient, or wearing a mask, if necessary. These steps have proven to be effective in limiting the spread of the flu virus and we hope that our visitors will feel this is as important as we do. Of course, we also strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated against the flu every year.

We hope that everyone in the community will join us in our efforts to fight the flu this season and welcome in a happy – and healthy – New Year.


Vincent G. Capece, Jr.
Middlesex Hospital


The information contained within is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician.