Hand & Upper Extremity Rehab

Middlesex Health Physical Rehabilitation has developed a program designed to meet the specific needs of hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder patients.

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Lending our hands to help heal yours.

Injuries to the hand, wrist, or elbow - as well as arthritis and compressed nerves - make even the simplest motions and normal activities painful and difficult. This may limit or conflict with your job, recreational activities, school, and housework.

At Middlesex Health, our team of orthopedic experts has one priority: getting you back to more normal and less painful use of your hands, wrists, and arms. We will work with you across the continuum of care - from evaluation and investigative imaging through treatment and recovery - to meet your goals for health and functionality.


Healing your arms and hands, so you can do what you love.


Conditions & Non-Surgical Treatments

We address a number of upper extremity issues and injuries, including:

  • arthritis
  • repetitive injures of the hands and wrists
  • job or accident related injuries
  • replantation of severed joints
  • nerve compression
  • severely damaged and deteriorating joints
  • sprains
  • simple and complex fractures of the hands

Many conditions can be addressed non-surgically, and in some cases, pain management techniques and physical rehabilitation provide relief.   

Surgical Treatments

If conservative strategies are not enough, surgery may be an appropriate option. Middlesex Health is home to some of the region's top orthopedic surgeons, who can perform: