Do Drink the Water

May 29, 2018
Do Drink the Water

Drink more water. It’s advice you may hear often, but should you listen?

Dr. Suzanne Tingley

Yes, says Dr. Suzanne Tingley, who works in Middlesex Health Primary Care’s Old Saybrook office. Dr. Tingley says hydration is a critical benefit of drinking water. Water allows our organs to function properly. It keeps body tissues hydrated and eliminates waste products.

Dr. Tingley recommends that most people should consume eight to 10 drinks of water a day with the exception of the very young, including newborns, infants and toddlers. They would require less water to stay healthy.

Consuming water – staying hydrated – is especially important when we perspire heavily. This can happen when we exercise, when we are in a hot environment or when we have a fever. It is extremely important to replenish lost water, Dr. Tingley says, adding that lost electrolytes should also be replaced.

Electrolytes, which carry electric charges, are small particles that help the body function and work. Certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and some sports drinks can help restore those electrolytes.

Middlesex Hospital May Vita Drink Water

Increasing water intake can be difficult for some people, but there are things you can do to help. Try drinking carbonated or flavored water! Once you’ve pledged to increase your water intake, how can you ensure that you successfully meet your goal?

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