The goal of the Family Advocacy Program is to improve the lives of children and families in Connecticut by delivering:

  • Comprehensive behavioral health outpatient services
  • An  array of health resources
  • Programs to support the families in our community across all settings; including school, the family home, and programs in our own facilities. 

Whenever possible we partner with organizations in the community on these initiatives so we can access more settings and so that the services for the families we serve together are more cohesive. 

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Early Head Start

This program is available from prenatal to age two and half.  The program brings health, education, social services, and community resources to the parents as the child’s first teacher.  The main goal is to identify child development goals and support parents/guardians to meet these goals through every day interactions with children.  

Nurturing Families Network

Provides postpartum screening, assessment, parenting education, parent-child activities, emotional support services for families and more for the first time parents. Family can receive services until the child turn five. These services are provided through the Nurturing Parenting Groups and Nurturing Families Network Home Visiting.


Parenting Support Services

The program is an in-home parent and child/teen service that offers:

  • Circle of Security which includes an eight-session attachment centered parent education intervention program
  • Positive Parenting Programs that focus on improving the parent/child/teen relationship and providing strategies to create a postitive learning environment and decrease challenging behaviors.

A community collaborative of more than 60 health, education and parent affiliates that addresses three of the most serious health problems of Middletown children: 

  • lack of routine dental care
  • poor behavioral, social and emotional health
  • poor nutrition and sedentary life-styles leading to obesity

Provides free counseling to pregnant and postpartum women including making connections to community resources including an obstetrician. The program also provides direct resources to help these women apply for Husky insurance.

Child and Family Outpatient Services

The Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic offers families with children ages 5 through 18 services to meet their individual needs. These services include individual, family and group therapy settings as well as psychiatric evaluation and medication management. Psychological testing is available to current patients. We also provide psychiatric consultation for primary care providers and school personnel.

Child First

The Child First program helps heal and protect children and families from devastating effects of trauma and chronic stress by fostering the development of strong, nurturing parent-child relationship, promoting adult capacity and connecting families with needed services.  This program is available to parents (or long-term caregivers) and children up to age 6.

Mobile Crisis (Previously known as EMPS)

24-hour a day, 365-day a year telephone triage providing psychiatric crisis intervention service for children and their families.  Mobile crisis in-person intervention available between 6am-10pm Monday - Friday, and 1pm-10pm on weekends and holidays.

Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service (IICAPS)

Intensive in-home services for families with children and adolescents experiencing serious emotional behavioral problems including those who are returning to family following hospitalization or out of home placement, children at risk of hospitalization and children for which outpatient services are not sufficient to allow the child to remain safely in the family.

As the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, our WIC program serves to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk by providing access to nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating and referrals to health care.  The program is available for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women and their children up to age 5.

Visit the WIC page to learn more.  

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