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The Future Workforce

Middlesex Health works to address racial health disparities in a number of different ways, including through two programs for youth: Medical Explorers and Health Care Heroes Story Time. 

Recipes for Wellness

Heart-Smart Cranberry Apple Crisp Recipe for the Holidays

Cranberries have become a Thanksgiving dinner staple. How about making a heart-smart cranberry apple crisp this year?

Health + Lifestyle

Tips From The Mayer Center

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, Middlesex Health's The Mayer Center shares tips for parents of children who may be on the autism spectrum.


Improving Lives By Treating Pain

Both Claudia Beach and Michael Blake experienced intense lower back pain, and nothing was helping — until they went to see Dr. Honghui Feng. Now, their pain has noticeably lessened, and they want to share their success stories to help others who struggle with similar conditions.

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