Middlesex Begins to Ease Visitor Restrictions

Press Release, June 9, 2020

MIDDLETOWN — Beginning today, Middlesex Health will lift some of its visitor restrictions.

Due to COVID-19, all Middlesex Health service locations have been closed to visitors except for those making compassionate visits. Now, patients at Middlesex Hospital will be allowed one visitor at a time. This applies to patients who are hospitalized, patients who are having surgery and patients at Middlesex’s Emergency Department in Middletown.

Visiting hours at the hospital continue to be from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Patients who have, or who are suspected to have, COVID-19 will not be allowed visitors unless it is a compassionate visit. Patients at Middlesex Health outpatient locations, including laboratory and radiology locations, will still not be allowed visitors or support persons at this time. One MacDonough Place, the assisted living community owned by Middlesex Health, also remains closed to visitors — except for visits that are medically necessary.

All hospital visitors are being screened at the lobby entrance or at the Emergency Department entrance on Crescent Street when they arrive. Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever, will not be allowed in the building as a visitor.

Visitors must also wear a mask at all times. Patients should wear a mask when someone is in their room with them — whether it be visitors or staff.

Those visiting admitted hospital patients are strongly encouraged to remain in the room of the person they are visiting until they are ready to leave. They should not wander the hospital building.

Visitors who accompany surgery patients should wait in the Operating Room waiting room. There, however, is limited seating due to the need for social distancing. If no seats are available, visitors will be required to wait elsewhere. This does not include the cafeteria, lobby or hallways.

Please note that certain departments, such as Behavioral Health and the Pregnancy & Birth Center, have specific rules that may be different than those outlined above.

For all COVID-19 information related to Middlesex Health, please visit MiddlesexHealth.org/ready.

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