Middlesex Health Acquires Middlesex Urology

Press Release, November 2, 2020
Middlesex Acquires Middlesex Urology

MIDDLETOWN — Today, Middlesex Health acquired Middlesex Urology, a practice that has worked collaboratively with the health system for many years. Its four physicians, who are already members of Middlesex Health’s medical staff, will continue to provide care to patients. The goal is for this business transaction to be as seamless as possible.

Due to the acquisition, Middlesex Urology now has a new name, Middlesex Health Urology. However, its physicians, along with its locations, will remain. Urology offices are in Middletown, Essex, Marlborough, Madison and Guilford. Physicians are Dr. Richard Frink; Dr. Edward Myer; Dr. Tim Siegrist; and Dr. Dana Kivlin.

“This is the merging of two entities who already work well together,” Middlesex Health President and CEO Vincent G. Capece, Jr. says. “By becoming one and expanding our Middlesex Health family, we can help our patients even more.”

For more information about Middlesex Health Urology, visit MiddlesexHealth.org/Urology, or call 860-347-8850.

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