Giving Back to our Community

Our community health program offers blood pressure clinics, flu shots, health fairs and links to other community services such as Meals on Wheels, transportation, adult day care and much more.


Our Services

Our Services

We offer services to meet the needs of all patients – from infancy to end-of-life care, in a patient’s home, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility or wherever home may be.

Individualized care plans are developed to attain patient goals to ultimately foster personal independence.

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Skilled Nursing Care

We tailor services and individualize care to meet the needs of all patients. We offer nurses to help patients with symptom control, wound care, medication management and more.

Certified Home Health Aides

Provides patient assistance with personal needs such as bathing, dressing and personal hygiene.

Home Safety Evaluations

Visiting your home to provide an assessment of your living space and helping you make necessary changes to decrease your risk of falling. Contact 860 358-5739 to request a copy of our Preventing Falls in Your Home brochure.

Lifeline Program

A medical alert system available 24/7, 365 days a year, which is linked to a personal emergency button worn by the client, providing you fast access to trained response associates. Contact 800-242-1306, ext. 4642.

Rehabilitation Services

Complete medical rehabilitation performed by occupational, physical and speech therapy professionals.


Monitor and assess patients' healths through our advanced program even when staff is not physically there. This service provides home-monitored blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels that are transmitted electronically to a central station and triaged by trained nurses.

Behavioral Health Care

Designed for patients who need help coping with problems that occur as a result of illness or disability.

Heart Smart Program

This comprehensive program includes early symptom recognition, medical care, patient monitoring and counseling.

Medical Social Workers

Provide support and education for patients and families facing difficult health challenges. Also identify resources for patients’ long term care planning.

Mother and Newborn Care

Care specific for newborns, toddlers and their mothers.

Wound and Ostomy Care

Advanced care by a nurse certified in the specialty. These services are designed to ensure efficient, standardized care with the flexibility to develop individualized treatment plans. Our innovative solutions mean positive results for you.

Palliative Care focuses on the pain, symptoms and the stress of serious illness. This care may begin at the time of a diagnosis and continue throughout the course of a serious illness. It is designed to meet each patient’s individual needs with a specialized team of healthcare professionals.

Receiving palliative care does not mean you are giving up. In fact, most patients receiving palliative care are also continuing aggressive medical treatment for their illness. Palliative care focuses on improving your quality of life – not just in your body, but also in your mind and spirit.

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Hospice care is appropriate when the patient’s life expectancy is about six months, and when the focus of care changes from seeking a cure to providing quality of life. Patients can be referred by their attending physician, a nurse, social worker, discharge planner, family or self-referral. You can also ask your physician to make the referral or call for an assessment.

Hospice is a comprehensive approach to care, including help with pain and symptom management, nutritional needs, personal care and emotional support. This includes a team that provides special education and communication to patients, their families and other caregivers.

You, your family and your doctor decide together when hospice services should begin. Hospice care recognizes death as the final stage of life and seeks to enable patients to continue an alert and pain-free life, and to manage other symptoms, so that their final days may be spent with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones. Entering hospice care does not mean there is no longer hope. If your condition improves or the disease goes into remission, you can easily leave the program and return to active treatment. You can return to hospice care at a later time if needed.

Hospice is a home-based program. Most hospice patients are cared for in their own homes, where they most want to be. However, sometimes patients using hospice services might move from one setting to another, as his or her care needs change. Middlesex Health’s Hospice program can provide care at home, in assisted living facilities or in skilled nursing facilities.

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