Pre-procedure Evaluation and Assessment Coordination Clinic - Westbrook

Office Hours

Open Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only. Our medical receptionist will call and schedule the appointment once a referral is made by a surgeon. We prefer to see patients at least 4 weeks before their surgery.


PEAC stands for Pre-procedure Evaluation and Assessment Coordination Clinic. At your appointment, the clinic providers will complete a preoperative evaluation, working closely with your surgeon, medical specialists, and primary care provider to ensure you are ready for a safe and successful surgical procedure. The preparation before your surgery can be just as important to your recovery as the rehabilitation. Your PEAC visit will include a review of your medical and surgical history, a review of the medications you take, a physical exam, an EKG, and the completion of any lab work that may be needed.  In addition, we will discuss anesthesia and preoperative instructions. 

Our recommendation is that all patients should be seen in the PEAC Clinic prior to surgery. A representative from the hospital will call you to schedule a convenient time.

Once we receive a referral from your provider, someone from our team will call you to schedule an appointment. If you need to reschedule an existing appointment, you can call our office at 860-358-6823. 

We ask that you bring a list of your medical conditions, previous surgeries if applicable and an updated list of your medications, including dosages and frequency. You may also bring your medications and supplements with you, if you prefer. If you need to provide a dental clearance, bring a copy of this with you.

Eat healthy - Eat plenty of nutritious foods. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains all have important nutrients your body will need, and food high in protein will help keep your muscles healthy. Your body needs good nutrition to fight infection and heal following surgery. The PEAC provider will explain to you when you need to stop eating and drinking before your surgery.
Exercise - Exercising and being physically active before surgery is a great way to improve your recovery. Physical activity can help speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of complications. 
Breathing exercises - Breathing exercises can help strengthen your lungs and manage stress. 
Stop using alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine products - All of these can lead to complications that can affect your recovery. 

If there is a charge for your visit, it will be billed similarly to a visit with your primary care provider. Copays and coinsurance apply as they would for other medical visits. Check with your insurance plan for your coverage.


Pre-procedure Evaluation and Assessment Coordination Clinic - Westbrook is located at: 250 Flat Rock Place, Floor 2, Westbrook, CT, 06498 Copy address to paste into Text, Email, App of choice.