Middlesex & the Community

Middlesex Health is committed to providing the best health care possible to the people we serve. In order to do this, important health issues within the community need to be clearly assessed. Through this process, an institution learns what specific areas require the most urgent attention. From there, work can begin on improving the ways in which these priority health care needs are met.

Working together, with targeted programs and services, we can improve the lives of those in our community for years to come.

Middlesex Health Volunteer Services

Volunteers are an important part of Middlesex Health and are valued members of the team. We have many opportunities for volunteers

Serving our Community

"Community" is Middlesex Health's namesake. As a community hospital, benefiting the community is at the core of our being.

For Vendors & Suppliers

Find useful information such as our terms and conditions agreement, business forms, and more.

Connecticut Golf Partnerships

Middlesex Health is proud to the the Official Health Care Partner of the Connecticut State Golf Association, as well as the Welcoming Sponsor of the Connecticut Golf Show and it's Showtime Newsletter.