Nov 28

Transgender Family / Friends / Supports Group

Understanding and affirming the lives of transgender persons, and learning how to be an ally.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Monthly on the fourth Monday
Virtual/Online Session
Cost: Free
Transgender Family / Friends / Supports Group

About Our Group

We've Moved Online!

In order to keep our participants, their families and our community as safe as possible, the Transgender Family/Friends/Supports Group will now be meeting online on the 4th Monday of each month from 4 pm–5 pm.

To participate, please email Michael Miarecki at to request the Zoom login information. If you need help setting up Zoom, you can download our guide.

Please join us for our Family/Friends/Supports group, sponsored by Middlesex Health's Transgender Medicine Program. The focus of this group is to connect allies for transgender individuals in a safe, trusting space to openly discuss ways to support those in their life who are questioning their gender or going through process of transition. In addition, this group is a place to seek support from others with the shared experience of learning to adjust to, understand, and affirm the lives of transgender persons.

Please note: This group is free and meetings are facilitated by medical staff with special expertise in transgender care. Please email for more information.

Additional Resources

  • Through the Transgender Medicine Program, our expert providers are committed to delivering equitable and inclusive care to the transgender population, as well as excellence in access, services, and outcomes.
  • Our Gender Discussion Groups have moved online, as well. These groups provide a safe, supportive space for transgender, gender non-conforming, and questioning individuals in our community. If you are interested, please visit our calendar for more information and instructions for how to participate.

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