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Our clinicians work to evaluate your child for potential developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Our diagnostic process consists of a multidisciplinary approach which includes a review of medical records, developmental history, current behaviors, cognitive abilities, and language abilities. Our findings will guide recommendations for your child's developmental needs.

The Gold Standard for Diagnosing AutismĀ 

The ADOS-2 ( Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition) is a standardized assessment tool that helps providers diagnose autism spectrum disorders in children and adults. The ADOS involves a semi-structured play or interview session determined by the age and communication level of the individual.

The ADOS provides standardized activities and questions that allow the examiner to observe behaviors that are directly relevant to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. In addition, the ADOS-2 incorporates planned social activities designed for different developmental levels that provide situations in which social interactions, communication, and particular types of behaviors are likely to appear.

Why The Mayer Center?

Our licensed, professional team will be able to provide standardized evaluation tools to best address and clarify diagnoses. Young children can be misdiagnosed, and by using The Mayer Center, if we require further diagnostic clarification, we will be able to provide that. While we will use the gold standard for diagnosing Autism, we will also be able to clarify diagnoses for ADHD, trauma, cognitive abilities, and IQ testing if needed. The clinician will review the assessment with families not long after its completion and provide a feedback session as well as a written report with detailed recommendations.