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Occupational therapy addresses a wide variety of developmental processes, including sensory processing, motor development, visual motor integration, and social/cognitive skills to improve function across daily occupations.  Occupations are any activity or process that allows the child to engage in daily living. This can include:

• Addressing sensory integration and processing to support self-regulation 

• Developing awareness and strategies to promote optimal engagement and attention 

• Motor development for strength and coordination related to body awareness, postural control, isolation of upper body movement, and fine motor skills

• Establishing motor planning or praxis to address sequencing and motor planning of skill development impacting motor learning and routines

• Integrating visual motor skills for work production(handwriting/typing) and tool use (pencils, scissors)

• Supporting self-feeding, including oral motor skills and hand-to-mouth feeding

• Exploring modifications, accommodations, and assistive technology to support independence.

• Providing strategies for parents and caregivers for home activities to increase a child’s independence

Our occupational therapist will perform a thorough evaluation in order to develop an individualized treatment program targeting specific areas of need.  A family-centered approach will incorporate support, teaching, and suggestions to improve daily living.

Why The Mayer Center?

Our clinic offers a sensory-rich, kid-friendly environment that includes a gym, a sensory room, individual treatment rooms, as well as specialized equipment from swings and tunnels to climbing walls. We also have quiet spaces to provide services when a child or infant needs a less stimulating environment.

Our clinicians provide comprehensive assessments, create personalized treatment plans, and provide strategies for home intervention focused on building your child’s independence. Our intervention sessions focus on building a connection with the child and providing individualized activities to facilitate active participation and success. Our therapists will be able to work collaboratively with other professionals in your child’s care team, as well as provide family support.

We look forward to planning fun and engaging sessions for you and your child to grow and learn.