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Physical Therapists (PTs) can help children to improve their access to their environment by:

• Improving a child’s posture and body awareness

• Improving their gross motor skills (balance, coordination) to interact with peers

• Strategies to help your child with an optimal range of motion, strength, and endurance

• Providing strategies for mobility concerns in the community and at home

• Assisting parents with learning safe transfers and other strategies to navigate their surroundings

• Analyzing movement patterns and developing fun activities to help them be more efficient and functional

• Helping to provide strategies and tailored treatment ideas to improve body awareness, bilateral coordination, motor planning

• Facilitating the development of play skills such as ball skills, tricycle/bike riding, navigating playground equipment 

• Providing strategies to manage pain

Our Physical Therapists will perform a thorough evaluation in order to develop an individualized treatment program targeting your child’s specific needs.

Why The Mayer Center?

Our clinic offers a sensory-rich, kid-friendly environment that includes a gym, a sensory room, individual treatment rooms, as well as specialized equipment from swings and tunnels to climbing walls. We also have quiet spaces to provide services when a child or infant needs a less stimulating environment.

Our clinicians provide comprehensive assessments, create personalized treatment plans, and provide strategies for home intervention focused on building your child’s independence. Our intervention sessions focus on building a connection with the child and providing individualized activities to facilitate active participation and success. Our therapists will be able to work collaboratively with other professionals in your child’s care team, as well as provide family support.

We look forward to planning fun and engaging sessions for you and your child to grow and learn.