Patient Feedback

Lab_What Our Patients Are Saying

We strongly believe that providing excellent customer service is of the utmost importance. We work hard to ensure that each patient has as good an experience with us as possible—because that's part of what it means to be the Smarter Choice for Care!

Here are some comments from our patient satisfaction surveys:
  • I have never had a bad experience coming to lab services. Always a pleasant experience with no issues. Staff is always pleasant, especially early in the a.m. This is why I am willing to travel from New Britain!
  • Excellent! Very smooth and efficient. well-organized, the staff was trained well and friendly.
  • All the staff were caring & friendly & compassionate. My son felt relaxed.
  • I love the fact that everyone is so pleasant and friendly. I had additional lab work done at a different facility the same day for a different reason and the difference between their staff and here was remarkable. Night and day.
  • I love the fact that no appointment is necessary. This is why I will use this facility always.
  • I always drive to Marlborough Clinic for any test I need. Easy to park and enter for lab work. All the people who greet you and do the testing are friendly. They are happy to see you.
  • I could not believe how quick the whole process was. I have been there for three appt's in the last week (two blood draw and one MRI) and the experience was amazing. I have since recommended the same facility to multiple people.
  • Middlesex Hospital and Outpatient have also been outstanding and is always highly recommended by me to others. Thank you for all that you do!
  • The experience of coming to Middlesex Health, when you are feeling poorly, is unparalleled. I've never felt so politely taken care of. Honestly, I dread hospitals because the staff are always so you are bothering them. Not so at Middlesex. No guys have unparalleled customer service.
  • I recommend this facility to anyone that needs blood drawn. I've been a patient and have been going there for 5+ years now. They are the best.
  • The woman that did my young daughter bloodwork was amazing and made her very comfortable that she wasn't even nervous.
  • Everyone was wonderful! Kind, friendly and compassionate. We have nothing but good to say about Middlesex Health Shoreline Medical Center! We are fortunate to have this comprehensive medical facility so close to home.
  • From entering the facility, to the intake at the front desk to the phlebotomist ... all terrific. Pleasant, relaxed, and thorough.