Keeping Up With Your Care

March 12, 2021
Keep up with your care!

Are you wondering if you should keep, or make, your appointment for your preventative health visit?

If so, the answer is yes!

Even during a pandemic, it is important to keep up with your medical care, and this includes preventative health visits and routine follow-up appointments for chronic medical conditions. Delaying these appointments and other important tests and procedures can have long-term consequences.

Preventative health visits with your primary care provider help to determine your general health. In addition to taking your blood pressure and measurements like your height and weight, it is the best time for you to talk to your provider about any problems you might be facing. This includes any pain that you experience, allergies or any mental health concerns.

Your medical provider may also order blood tests, such as a cholesterol test or a blood glucose test, to ensure that you are healthy and well.

Your preventative health visit and any annual blood tests are important because they can help identify any problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, early. Staying healthy, and detecting any problems early is the goal! The sooner you know about a problem; the sooner you can begin to treat it.

Middlesex Health understands that individuals may still be nervous about visiting their primary care provider during the pandemic, but know that Middlesex is doing everything it can to ensure your health and safety. And for those who are still reluctant to visit a medical office, virtual (telehealth) visits are available when appropriate.

Important note: If you experience a medical emergency, please visit your closest Emergency Department, or dial 911. Middlesex Health’s three Emergency Department locations are safe and ready to help you as needed.

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