Middlesex Receives Grant for New Electronic Records System

February 25, 2019
nurse entering medical information on computer

In one of his last acts as the state’s top leader, former Governor Dannel P. Malloy awarded Middlesex Health $1,320,000 through the state’s Nonprofit Grant Program for a new electronic records system.

The state’s Nonprofit Grant Program was created by Governor Malloy in 2013 and assists organizations with the costs associated with one-time infrastructure improvements that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the organizations.

patient files and conversation

Middlesex Health’s new records system, which will be provided by a company called Epic, will allow the organization to transition from its current suite of information system products to a singular and fully integrated information (IT) system, strengthening Middlesex’s positioning as an independent health system. The system will provide clinical, patient management and billing system support throughout the Middlesex health system, and it will benefit patients tremendously by enhancing Middlesex’s ability to meet the community’s health needs. For example, patient information will be more easily shared within Middlesex Health and outside the organization with institutions such as Mayo Clinic.

Work on this project has already begun, and the new system is expected to go live in the spring of 2020. This state grant will go a long way in helping Middlesex make this transition, and Middlesex thanks former Governor Malloy and the state for their support.

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