Employee Spotlight: Mary Perrotti

October 29, 2018
Employee Spotlight: Mary Perrotti

Mary Perrotti is the Director of Nursing at One MacDonough Place.

For nearly two decades, Mary Perrotti cared for Middlesex Hospital’s sickest patients. She worked as a nurse in the Hospital’s Critical Care Unit, seeing many people at their worst. While she was happy helping these individuals, she eventually realized she wanted to do more. She wanted to help people before they were admitted to the Hospital. She wanted to encourage them to live healthy lives.

One MacDonough Place apartment

As luck would have it, a director of nursing position at One MacDonough Place, a Middletown assisted living community owned by Middlesex, opened up, and Perrotti applied and got the job.

“It was such a natural transition,” she says, adding that she’s been able to bring the value of nursing to the One MacDonough Place community. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

Perrotti has served as One MacDonough Place’s director of nursing for eight years and loves her job, believing wholeheartedly that she makes a difference every day. She knows the residents by name, visiting with them regularly to make sure their needs are being met and addressing any health concerns. Perrotti and her staff, comprised of nurses and nurse’s aides, are available 24/7, and they help schedule medical appointments for residents and make sure that medications are ordered and taken as directed. If residents get admitted to the Hospital, or if they must stay at a rehabilitation center for a while, Perrotti visits them. If families have questions or concerns or need reassurance, she takes care of that too.

“I hear all sorts of stories,” Perrotti says, marveling at the accomplishments of those under her care. “We have scientists and artists. There are people who own their own businesses.”

For Perrotti, every day is different, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She describes One MacDonough Place as a friendly and welcoming community, and she says residents feel comfortable sharing their health or daily living concerns with her because she’s developed relationships with them. There’s a level of trust.

Mary Perrotti

One MacDonough Place is a great resource, and Perrotti, whose own father-in-law is a One MacDonough resident, encourages people not to wait too long before moving in. In addition to assisting older adults, One MacDonough offers many other services. For example, it runs daily activities and provides meals and transportation, and there are many opportunities for socialization. Many people don’t realize what a relief it is to have those necessities provided, or easily accessible, and they don’t understand that the assistance can improve a person’s health, Perrotti says. “They always say, ‘What took me so long?’”

For more information about One MacDonough Place, visit onemacdonoughplace.org or call 860-358-5802.

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