Data & Policies

As a non-profit community services institution, our goal is to provide full disclosure of current and relevant financial information and data to all interested parties.

Proper use of these data will allow our Board of Directors to know whether their organization fosters a culture of performance improvement and has a measurable ability to change.

As part of our commitment to the community at large, Middlesex Health offers charity care to those in financial need, subsidizes worthwhile programs that would never be able to generate revenues to cover their costs, provides financial and in-kind contribution to nonprofit community organizations and encourages and supports volunteer activity by staff members. Our goal is to provide the finest medical services possible, delivered with care and compassion.

In this section you will find important financial reporting and community benefit documents pertaining to the tax-exempt organizations within Middlesex Health System.

Additional information can be found at Guidestar.

Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements, FYE 09/30/2021, 09/30/2022 & 09/30/2023

IRS Forms - 990

FYE 9/30/2022

FYE 9/30/2021

FYE 9/30/2020