Compliance and Ethics

Our Compliance Program Mission Statement

The Mission of the Middlesex Health System Compliance Program is to maintain compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that govern its operations. The System will foster an organizational culture that promotes and enables the achievement of compliance with these legal requirements so that high quality, cost effective health care is available for the residents of Middlesex County.

Compliance efforts are designed to prevent, detect and resolve instances of conduct that may not conform to Federal or State laws or healthcare regulations as well as to the Health Systems ethical and business policies.

The Compliance Program will:

  • Communicate the System’s Standards of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct policy to all employees.
  • Monitor compliance with this policy.
  • Monitor developments and changes in State and Federal laws.
  • Facilitate the Compliance Oversight and Compliance Working Committees.
  • Review and revise compliance policies at the hospital and department level.
  • Administer the Compliance Hotline.
  • Report compliance activities to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Data & Policies

As a non-profit community services institution, our goal is to provide full disclosure of financial information and data to all interested

HIPAA Compliance

Middlesex Health understands that your protected health information is confidential. We are committed to protecting health information about you.

Price Transparency

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to make public a list of their standard charges via the Internet.

Connecticut General Statutes Compliance

While scheduling your procedure you indicated you wanted to find out more information about the Quality and/or Cost of your procedure.