Making a commitment to take care of your heart is one of the most important things you can do for your future.

Our program combines clinician supervised exercise and education on heart healthy behaviors to help you feel better and live healthier! The program is tailored to each individual patient; your exercises will be customized to your unique condition to help you achieve your self-management goals.

The goal of this program is to help you return safely to normal activities as soon as possible after a heart attack, heart surgery, or other acute episode.

Eligibility for Cardiac Rehab includes:

Anyone recovering from:

Anyone looking for better control of:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a referral from your Primary Care Physician or Cardiologist. 

Many insurance companies cover all – or a part  of – the program costs. We will work with your insurance company and advise you about your coverage benefits. Financial aid may also be available.

What Does Cardiac Rehabilitation involve?

Our program focuses on four major areas, each designed to help you adopt a heart healthy lifestyle to recover faster from a recent coronary artery disease event.



We educate you on several important topics to help you reduce your risk of future cardiac problems such as exercise, weight management, and blood pressure management.

List of topics covered



We will offer you group and individual counseling on diet and exercise on your physical recovery, and on the emotional aspects of recovery.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

We will work with you to develop an individualized exercise program to increase your strength and stamina. All exercise is monitored by our expert staff to make sure that you are safe as you build strength. As you progress through the program we will help you build a lifelong physical activity/exercise program that suits your age, physical condition, and ability.

Risk Factor and Behavioral Changes

Risk Factor and Behavioral Changes

We will support you as you change your habits and behaviors to help you move towards a heart healthy lifestyle.


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