Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an important part of Middlesex Hospital and are valued members of the team. We have many opportunities for volunteers, both at the hospital, and at its satellite locations in Middletown, Marlborough and Essex, Connecticut. To find out if we have a rewarding volunteer position that’s perfect for you, please call the Volunteer Services Office at (860) 358-6735, or email kate.kearns@midhosp.org.

How to Apply

To become an adult volunteer (18 years or older) at Middlesex Hospital and its affiliates, you need to complete a 4-part application process. The four parts include an application, taking a health form to your doctor and having a current TB test, having a personal interview with the Director of Volunteer Services and attending a 2-hour orientation.

Your acceptance into the volunteer program is determined at the interview. It is also the time when you share your background, past experience and availability, all of which will play a part in what job you are assigned after completion of the application process.

The orientations are offered 8 times throughout the year. They are held from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on a Thursday at the main hospital in Middletown, CT. You may call the volunteer Office at 860-358-6735 for available dates.

All adult volunteers must agree to and pass a background screening before they can be accepted as a volunteer.

We thank you again for your interest in volunteering at Middlesex Hospital.