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The art and science of rehabilitation of the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Injuries or issues of the upper extremity may be work-related or the result of an accident. They can also occur after wear and tear on your joints, tendons, and muscles; leisure activities such as sports can lead to this type of repeated-motion injury.


A Hand Therapist is an Occupational or Physical Therapist who has specialized training - and extensive experience - treating conditions and injuries of the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder.

Several of our Occupational Therapists are Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). It requires years of practice and many hours of advanced education to obtain this certification.

A qualified Hand Therapist can address a range of problems related to the upper extremities through a process of evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. The therapist will work closely with you and your provider across the continuum of care - therapy may start within days of an injury or surgery and continue through your return to work and/or other daily activities.

Post-operative Rehabilitation
  • Control of hypertrophic (raised and/or swollen) or hypersensitive scars
  • Design and implementation of excercise programs to increase motion, dexterity, and/or strength
  • Management of open or sutured wounds (prevention of infection and assistance in healing)
  • Reduction of swelling
Preventive, Non-operative, or Conservative Treatment
  • Conditioning prior to returning to work
  • Desensitization following nerve injury or trauma
  • Design and implementation of exercise programs to increase motion, dexterity and/or strength
  • Management of acute or persistent pain
  • Sensory re-education after nerve injury
  • Splint fabrication for prevention or correction of injury
  • Training in the performance of daily life skills through adapted methods and equipment

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Smart Tip

Custom Splints

Our Occupational Therapists are extremely skilled in fabricating customized splints to support, protect or limit function of a hand after an acute injury, repetitive use injury, or surgery.

After careful assessment, our therapists will work with you to ensure a good fit and make modifications, as necessary.

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Elizabeth Jones, OTR/L, CHT, CLT

Elizabeth Jones, OTR/L, CHT, CLT


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