Whether you’re a new or experienced parent, we are here to support you in raising a happy, healthy baby. 

Click on any of the classes listed below to see upcoming dates and, when appropriate, register. You can also view our full calendar here. We highly recommend that you start educational classes during your 3rd trimester, at 27 weeks or later.

Please Note:
  • Our yoga and Pilates classes can be taken during or after pregnancy; please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
  • Exercise packages (one, five, or 10 sessions) are non-refundable, but they DO NOT EXPIRE and can be used for any type of class (yoga, Pilates, etc.).
  • Please wear comfortable clothing—and bring a yoga mat and water bottle—for all exercise classes.
  • To keep you safe during COVID-19, classes are only available online. Click on any class for more information.