Clinical Pathways

We use evidence-based treatments to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Our focus is always on you and your specific needs as a patient. But we also know that we can provide the best possible treatment for many conditions when we follow established clinical pathways.

Clinical pathways are standardized treatment plans that have been developed by teams of experts in a given condition or illness. These teams include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physical therapists, case managers, and more.

Clinical pathways are based on “best practices,” or the most effective methods for treating a health condition. 

Our experts review the most up-to-date medical literature to determine current best practices. Then, they establish protocols and procedures specifically for Middlesex Health, based on those best practice treatments and procedures.

Yes! We are always monitoring or clinical pathway use. We revise all pathways as newer and more effective treatments become available.

All of the doctors and other providers at Middlesex Health combine the use of clinical pathways with their own expertise, experience and style of care. This means that your experience with us will be personalized, but you can rest assured that your providers are making decisions based on the best possible scientific evidence.

Clinical pathways reduce variations in care from patient to patient to ensure that everyone who comes to Middlesex Health gets state-of-the-art treatment. However, not all patients are appropriate for a clinical pathway. Each doctor will work with their patients to decide on the best approach in their specific case. Even if a clinical pathway isn’t right for you, you will know that your doctor is paying attention to even the smallest details when determining your care plan.

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