Patient Safety at Middlesex Health

Patient safety is an important issue to everyone. You want to keep yourself and your family safe when you're at home—and Middlesex Health wants to keep you safe while you are in our care.

We believe that patient safety is a serious business—and it is our priority to make sure you stay safe while you're in the hospital, or at any of our facilities. We are involved in several national hospital safety-related initiatives. These, combined with our own safety programs—many of which have been in place for a long time—help to ensure your stay with us will be a safe one.

Patient safety isn't a new idea at Middlesex. But since we will never stop improving the way we care for patients, there will always be new and innovative programs to make things better. Many of these initiatives are built on existing hospital programs and give us the opportunity to compare ourselves to other health care organizations, both in Connecticut and nationwide. 

Why are patient safety programs so important?

There have been studies that say that despite the best of efforts, hospitals can actually be dangerous to your health. In fact, in 1999 the Institute of Medicine (IOM)—a branch of the National Academy of Sciences—essentially said just that. Its first report, “To Err is Human," described how tens of thousands of Americans needlessly die each year from medical errors. It didn't take long for this alarming message to be thrown into the media spotlight and reach the public.

At Middlesex, we are committed to changing this narrative by protecting you and your loved ones.