Estimate Your Health Care Costs

Our easy-to-use online tool lets you calculate out-of-pocket costs for common health care services.

At Middlesex Health, we understand how important it is for you—and your family—to plan for routine or unexpected health care costs. That's why we offer the Patient Estimates tool, an online calculator that lets you see the estimated cost of some common services, such as virtual visits, lab tests, and x-rays.

Please remember that the price you will see is just an estimate. Health care costs are impacted by many factors, including your health insurance plan and available financial assistance. Costs can also change based on your specific care plan—you and your doctor will work together to decide what tests or treatments are right for you, and this may change the cost of your care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can use the Patient Estimates tool!

This service is available to all current and potential patients, so that you can plan for your care and make the best possible choice for you and your family.

Please remember that the estimates you get here are only applicable to Middlesex Health and may be different from costs at other health care systems or doctor's offices.

The Patient Estimates tool will ask for some basic information about your health insurance. This helps ensure that the estimate we provide is as close to your actual out-of-pocket cost as possible. 


You may skip this step if you do not have insurance or would like to get an estimate without using insurance.

If you complete this step, you will be asked to provide the first and last name of the insurance plan member (policy holder), the date of birth of the policy holder, and the insurance plan member and group numbers. If you are not the policyholder (i.e., you are the spouse/partner or dependent), you will then be asked to provide your name, date of birth, and subscriber number.


Image of insurance detail fields in Price Estimator tool.

The Patient Estimates tool uses data about the cost of a procedure or service, as well as information about your insurance plan, to estimate what you will pay for that procedure or service. Please remember that this is an estimate and NOT a guarantee of the exact amount of your bill. 

The tool will take you through the following steps:

  1. Visit the Middlesex Health Patient Estimates tool. 
    Please note that this tool is based in MyChart, but you do not need to have a MyChart account to use the tool.

  2. Accept the disclaimer.
    You will be acknowledging that you understand that this tool provides an estimate and that your actual bill may be higher or lower than the out-of-pocket cost shown.

  3. Search for or select your service/procedure.
    You can use keywords (i.e., lab, x-ray) to find a service, or you can click on the options provided. Please note that not every service available at Middlesex Health is in the price estimator tool. If you cannot find the procedure you are looking for, please contact your insurance company directly.

  4. Provide your insurance information.
    Select your insurance provider and fill in the basic information requested (name, date of birth, insurance plan and group number). You may skip this step if you do not have insurance or would like to get an estimate without using insurance.

  5. View your estimate.
    You will see the amount you would be expected to pay, as well as details about the total cost of the procedure and what your insurance company will pay. You may also be able to provide additional information, such as the size of your deductible, to get a more accurate estimate.
  6. Save for your records. 
    If you would like to save the estimate for future reference, you can print the page or send it to your email. 

Our Billing Department and Financial Assistance Services teams are happy to help you with any additional questions about the cost of your care. There may also be ways that Middlesex can help if you are concerned about being able to afford a procedure or service. 

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