6 ways to reduce your sugar intake

To reduce sugar in your diet, an obvious place to start is by limiting your consumption of regular soda, as well as the addition of the spoonful of sugar into your morning cereal. But what if you're already making strides in reducing the obvious high-sugar items? Chances are you're still consuming more added sugar than you realize from some everyday foods.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your sugar intake:

  • Instead of adding sugar to sweeten oatmeal or cereal, top your bowl with your favorite fruit.
  • Opt for low-calorie or sugar-free drinks instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Better yet, drink water (plain or sparkling).
  • Enjoy fruit for dessert instead of cookies or pastries.
  • Cut the amount of sugar you use in recipes for cakes and cookies, or switch out sugar completely by using unsweetened applesauce.
  • Be mindful of condiments such as ketchup and barbecue sauce, which can be high in sugar, and opt for lower sugar options such as salsa, mustard or hot sauce.
  • Read food labels and research restaurant menus online. Avoid the high-sugar options.

Last Updated Aug 14, 2020

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