Middlesex Health Palliative Care - Middletown

Office Hours

The Middlesex Health Palliative Care outpatient clinic is located in the Middlesex Health Surgical Alliance offices. Clinic hours are by appointment only.

Middlesex Health Palliative Care - Middletown


Providing specialized care focused on controlling symptoms, easing pain and relieving the stress of managing serious illness.

Palliative care is comprehensive treatment of the symptoms and stress of conditions such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, lung disease and other serious illnesses. It is available anytime after your diagnosis and is meant to support you during your primary medical treatment.

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Palliative care services are available to patients in multiple settings, including Middlesex Hospital and at your home or assisted living facility, if you qualify for care at home services. This location is our outpatient palliative care clinic. We offer initial consults, as well as follow up appointments, for patients who are receiving palliative care and are able to travel for appointments.

We offer a large, free parking lot for all patients and visitors.

When you arrive, follow the driveway to the first stop sign. Turn right, following signs for the Surgical Alliance. Continue towards the far end of the complex and the building marked 540. You may park in any of the spaces adjacent to that building.

Please enter the 540 building (gray siding) through the covered glass doors.

Middlesex Health Palliative Care - Middletown is located at: 540 Saybrook Road, Middletown, CT, 06457 Copy address to paste into Text, Email, App of choice.