Introducing the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance

February 9, 2022
Vin Capece golfing

Injury prevention and recovery is crucial to becoming a better golfer. While professional golf instructors can help increase your yardage, Middlesex Health’s new Center for Golf Performance will assess and address your biomechanics. This will help you to better understand how your body relates to your golf swing. The goal: to keep you healthy and pain free — while also upping your game.

Through the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance, physical therapists who are Titleist Performance Institute level 1 and medical certified provide a multi-point physical assessment that focuses on specific body movements, such as body rotation and posture. They also conduct a swing analysis using a sophisticated motion device. A specialized computer program gathers key data points and then creates graphs that illustrate the efficiency of your swing.


Using this system, alongside the physical assessment, Middlesex Health physical therapists will help you learn your pain points and limitations. This data will then drive improvement plans that include follow-up sessions and at-home exercises and conditioning that are individually tailored to you. This will help as you strive to be a stronger, healthier, better golfer.

“We are physical therapists who are also avid golfers,” says Brian Taber, director of Physical Rehabilitation at Middlesex Health. “We appreciate the demands of the sport and want to use our knowledge to help those who visit the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance.” 

Taber notes that working with the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance is not your typical physical therapy session. If you get injured and your doctor refers you to a physical therapist, that is traditional physical therapy that focuses specifically on your injury, and it is generally covered by insurance. At Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance, the approach is more holistic, and it focuses on your body as it specifically relates to golf. 

“While stretching and strengthening exercises may be involved, at the end of the day, this is about golf,” Taber says. “Conditioning your body, and learning more about it, will only help you play better.”

If you are interested in getting a physical assessment at the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance, located in Middletown, the cost is $125. It is not covered by insurance. Additional follow-up sessions are $95 per session. All ages and skill levels are welcome. 

For more information, visit If you would like to make an appointment, call 860-358-2700.

Learn more about the Middlesex Health Center for Golf Performance at the Connecticut Golf Show. The golf show, sponsored by Middlesex Health will be held February 18 through February 20 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

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