Preparing for 2022

November 24, 2021

Winter is quickly approaching, and while you may not be playing a round of golf any time soon, it is important to condition your body during the offseason. You want to be ready for when the time comes!

According to Brian Taber, a physical therapist and director of Physical Rehabilitation for Middlesex Health, the key components of body conditioning for golf are overall fitness, flexibility and strength. Together, these components address your stamina, body posture, power and accuracy.

Stamina is important because, as you know, golf is a longer duration sport. Having good stamina allows you to maintain the same performance from your first tee shot to your last putt.

To maintain appropriate posture during your round, muscle strength, flexibility and stamina are essential. During a full golf swing, your spine needs to be able to move through a variety of motions. 

“When a player sets up with a neutral posture, they are giving themselves the best opportunity for a pain free and efficient swing,” says Bonnie Brenneman, a Middlesex Health physical therapist. “Flexibility and strength imbalances can make it difficult to rotate smoothly and wreak havoc with both your backswing and follow through."

To get power, muscle strength is needed. Your muscle strength must be maintained in a sport-specific manner to allow your body to use this strength effectively and efficiently.

And we all understand the importance of accuracy in golf.

“Golf is a game that can come down to inches being the difference between a birdy or a bogey,” Taber says, explaining that accuracy in golf is a combination of how your fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina (both physical and mental), body posture and power hold up throughout your round.

What you can do in the offseason

Even when it is cold and snowing, there are still things you can do to help your golf game.

Overall fitness

Maintain the overall fitness level needed for your game of golf.

Taber says this will look different for each golfer. For example, your fitness needs will be different if you play nine holes and ride in a golf cart as opposed to walking 18 holes while carrying your bag.

Worth noting: Even navigating the flattest of courses while riding in a golf course will still require a level of fitness.

To maintain fitness through the offseason, do aerobic training. This could mean walking or jogging or using elliptical or stair climbing machines. Pick an activity you enjoy and one that does not cause you pain.


To make sure the start of your 2022 season goes well, you must maintain the flexibility needed for your golf swing and proper golf posture. The golf swing requires ranges of motion that are not normally used in day-to-day activity.

For stretching tips and exercises, click here.


Golf requires both general strength and activity specific strength. For examples of strength exercises, click here.

General strength is required to maintain your stamina, and it can help you walk up hills, climb stairs to an elevated tee box or help to develop your core in order to maintain proper posture.

Activity specific strength helps to maintain your swing speed and power.

In general, muscle balance is important for maintaining accuracy.

If needed, Middlesex Health’s 79 physical and occupational therapists can help you achieve your goals in these areas. Middlesex has seven Physical Rehabilitation locations, and its therapists work in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

For more information about Middlesex Health Physical Rehabilitation, click here.

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