Assess Your Biomechanics This Offseason

November 27, 2023

The perfect time to consider the biomechanics associated with your golf swing is during Connecticut’s cold winter months, and Middlesex Health can help!

At Middlesex Health’s Center for Golf Performance, physical therapists, who are Titleist Performance Institute level 1 and medical certified, assess and address biomechanics. The goal is to help you understand how your body relates to your golf swing, while also keeping you healthy and pain free. 

In addition to a multi-point physical assessment that focuses on specific body movements, such as body rotation and posture, Middlesex’s physical therapists conduct a swing analysis using a sophisticated motion device.  A specialized computer program gathers key data points and then creates graphs that illustrate the efficiency of your swing. Together, the golfer and physical therapists determine pain points and limitations. 

“Addressing any issues with your biomechanics during the offseason will ultimately help you when you are playing golf in the nicer weather,” says Brian Taber, a physical therapist and director of Physical Rehabilitation at Middlesex Health. “Issues with biomechanics can certainly impact how well you play. It can also make you more prone to injury. Your body will thank you!”

For more information, visit The center is open to individuals of all ages and skill levels. If you or a loved one would like to make an appointment this winter, call 860-358-2700.

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