Gastric banding - also known as Lap-Band™ or Realize™- is a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass surgery.

Your surgeon will place a band around the upper part of your stomach, through tiny incisions in your abdomen. The band is inflated to reduce the size of your stomach, which helps you feel full/satisfied for longer. This will help limit your food intake.

This procedure can help you lose weight, but it may be less effective than gastric bypass surgery. Your weight loss will occur more slowly, and you must have more self control—gastric banding does not have “built-in” ways to help you resist sweet and fatty foods.*

*Many patients who have gastric bypass surgery are unable to process large amounts of table sugar following their procedure. This helps them limit sugar intake, which can enhance weight loss.


Your weight loss care team will help you understand each type of weight loss surgery and decide which option is best for you.

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Smart Tip

Learn More About Lifestyle Changes

Making changes to your lifestyle—including to your diet and exercise habits—is key to successful weight loss, even when surgery is involved. 

Visit our Online Learning Center for information about healthy eating, being active, and how to maintain weight loss achievements.

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