Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Strategy

Measuring Community Health

Middlesex Hospital is committed to providing the best health care possible to the people we serve. In order to do this, important health issues within the community need to be clearly assessed. Through this process, an institution learns what specific areas require the most urgent attention. From there, work can begin on improving the ways in which these priority health care needs are met.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) was enacted on March 23, 2010 as a means of enhancing the quality of health care delivery and outcomes in the United States. Internal Revenue Code 501(r), as set forth by the ACA, requires not-for-profit hospitals to: 1) conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three taxable years with input from persons representing the broad interests of the community; 2) prioritize needs, and 3) develop a plan that includes measurable goals and objectives.

The CHNA process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Primary, secondary, quantitative and qualitative data of a specific geographic area is systematically collected and included in the community health needs assessment.
Step 2: The collected data is carefully analyzed in order to understand a community’s health status and to identify the needs, gaps, access issues and barriers to both health and health services.
Step 3: Health problems and health-related needs are prioritized and an implementation strategy is developed and executed.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment Report

We hope our 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment is useful to the Middlesex County community for informational and planning purposes. Our report may be found here:

Middlesex Hospital CHNA September 2016

Note: paper copies of the community health needs assessment are available upon request and without charge.

Middlesex Hospital participated in the 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, which captures and measures information on regional well-being and quality of life. A selection of data from this survey is included in our CHNA. The full 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey crosstabs for Middletown and Middlesex County may be downloaded here:

DataHaven 2015 Middletown Crosstabs

DataHaven 2015 Middlesex County Crosstabs

Implementation Strategy

In response to the data uncovered in our 2016 community health needs assessment, Middlesex Hospital has developed an implementation strategy that outlines four priority areas. Our report may be found here: Middlesex Hospital 2016 CHNA Implementation Strategy

News Release

See our community health needs assessment and implementation strategy press release here.

Past CHNA & Implementation Strategy

See past results:

Download the Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2013

Download the Middlesex Hospital CHNA Implementation Strategy 2013


Please contact Catherine Rees, Director, Community Benefit at (860) 358-3034 or with any questions.