Primary Care Network

Many people find that there is no doctor more important to them than their primary care physician, and the physicians that make up the Middlesex Health Primary Care network are no exception. Serving towns throughout Connecticut, the physicians of our Family Pracitce Group and Middlesex Health Primary Care see patients of all ages, and many of those patients are patients for life.

The cornerstone of care for our communities.

Middlesex Health Primary Care doctors are caring and compassionate health care providers, and each and every one of them takes great pride in their special connections with patients. Our doctors are often the cornerstone of care for patients as they help them seek out specialists, coordinate services, monitor chronic diseases, and generally follow a lifetime of care for patients.

Throughout the Middlesex Health Primary Care Network, our physicians rely on the broad services that Middlesex Health offers, because they know that the hospital continually demands a higher level of care from their health care providers while staying ahead of the technology curve by bringing state-of-the-art services to the communities we serve.