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Breathing can be something we take for granted until a lung or respiratory condition causes breathing trouble. How you breathe affects every part of your life, from participating in activities you enjoy to getting a good night’s sleep. If breathing issues disrupt your days or nights, the award-winning specialists at Middlesex Health’s Total Lung Care Center can help.

Middlesex Health's Total Lung Care Center brings together all of our lung health services under one roof. This unified structure allows for exceptional communication among your care team.

Our team has access to innovative technology that allows them to detect and diagnose lung health issues quickly and accurately. Early detection combined with the expertise of Middlesex Health's oncologists, surgeons, and medical staff allows us to guide lung cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship.

Meet Our Nurse Navigator

Jessica Poetzsch, MSN, RN, OCN, MEDSURG-BC is the Nurse Navigator at the Middlesex Health Total Lung Care Center

Nurse Navigators are specialized Registered Nurses who guide patients through their care journey. They can provide education and support, and they help connect patients to other supportive services, such as social work or nutritional counseling.

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Patient Spotlight: Kirk's Story


Lung cancer survivor Kirk Davis and granddaughter.
"Period. End of story. It saved my life."

-Kirk Davis, Lung Cancer Survivor

On May 8, 2014—the day Kirk Davis' first granddaughter was born—he received devastating news: he had lung cancer.

But there was good news, too. Kirk's cancer had been found through a low dose screening CT scan at Middlesex Health, and it was at an extremely early stage.

So early, in fact, that it could be treated with surgery alone—no chemo, no radiation. After just a two-day hospital stay, Kirk was able to go home and start spending time with his newest family member.

Kirk continued receiving annual screening, and in 2019, he was again diagnosed with lung cancer. It was an entirely new cancer, not related to his first.

But once again, thanks to early detection, Kirk was able to be treated with surgery alone. Today, he's back to spending time with the apple of his eye.