Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery for hip impingement that gets you back to your life - and your favorite activities - faster.

Hip pain - especially in younger adults and athletes - is frequently misdiagnosed or even left undiagnosed. As a result, patients spend years suffering from what they believe to be groin strains, bursitis, or even hernias. At Middlesex Health, our orthopedic specialists are committed to the accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of hip impingement, or atypical contact between the bones of the hip joint.

About Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Hip arthroscopy involves two small incisions through which a small camera is inserted into the hip. This allows the surgeon to visualize the damage to your joint in a minimally invasive way. Your physician will then reshape the hip, repair tissue damage, and restore the hip joint. This process means that the hip can recover normal function and can even slow down the progression of arthritis.


As with all minimally invasive surgeries, arthroscopic hip surgery uses smaller incisions and is associated with less blood loss, less pain, and faster recovery time. Arthroscopic hip surgery is an outpatient operation, which means a shorter hospital stay than in the past.


Your orthopedic specialist can help you determine if arthroscopy could be beneficial for you. As with most joint conditions, it is important to try more conservative methods - such as physical therapy - before considering surgery.