Foot and Ankle Surgery & Care

At Middlesex Health, we use a wide range of techniques and technologies - from pain management to ankle replacement surgery - to heal illness and injury to the foot and ankle.

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery & Care

We rely on our hands and arms for even the simplest of tasks, and pain or injury can be severely limiting. At Middlesex Health, our orthopedic specialists combine talent and technology to provide healing and relief.

Hip Replacement & Repair

The expert orthopedists at Middlesex Health provide leading-edge hip procedures to repair or replace damaged joints. We are committed to helping all of our patients achieve the best quality of life by decreasing pain and increasing mobility.

Knee Replacement & Repair

At Middlesex Health, our orthopedic specialists use the most advanced technology for knee repair, so that patients are back on their feet faster and with fewer complications.

Shoulder Surgery & Care

Our orthopedic surgeons offer advanced procedures to meet your shoulder care needs, from rotator cuff surgery to shoulder replacement and tendonitis repair.

Sports Medicine

At Middlesex Health, we provide coordinated, comprehensive orthopedic care - from rehabilitation to surgery - for all types of sports-related injuries.