Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is key to recovery from many orthopedic conditions and procedures. Middlesex Health offers comprehensive physical and occupational rehab services at numerous convenient locations.

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The most advanced technology and comprehensive, coordinated care - so you can get back in action.

Sports injuries account for millions of doctor's visits annually - they can occur in a competitive setting or as a result of routine exercise. At Middlesex Health, we treat all types of sports injuries, from minor sprains and fractures to torn rotator cuffs and cartilage damage. 

Working closely with your primary care doctor and other specialists, our orthopedic team will evaluate your injury and determine the best course of action. Your treatment plan may include rest, physical therapy, pain management, or surgery.

If surgery is required, Middlesex Health is equipped to provide the most advanced procedures, as well as the personalized support you need for a faster, easier, less painful recovery.

Head and neck injuries also are common and can result in concussions, spinal damage, or other potentially severe complications. To learn more about the warning signs and dangers of concussion, click here.
Competitive and recreational athletes can require orthopedic support.