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At Middlesex Health, we understand the competitive spirit of our patients, and we know that even the slightest sports-related injury can throw you off your game. 
We treat all types of sports injuries, from minor sprains and fractures to torn rotator cuffs and cartilage damage. 
Working closely with your primary care doctor and other specialists, our orthopedic team will evaluate your injury and determine the best course of action. Your treatment plan may include rest, physical therapy, pain management, or surgery.
If surgery is required, Middlesex Health has a team of highly trained surgeons and advanced technology to get you back in the game quicker with less post-op pain. 

Common Injuries

Sprains are injuries that involve damage to soft tissues. The most common area that experiences sprain is the ankle. However, it could also affect the knee and wrist. Athletes commonly experience this condition due to their need to change direction quickly.

The knee is composed of tendons, ligaments, a joint, and muscles. Injuring any part of it is practically inevitable in sports. Different knee injuries have varying causes and recovery times.

The most common knee injuries are:

  • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury: This injury involves tearing the ACL, the ligament that connects the shinbone to the thigh bone. Learn more. 
  • Torn Meniscus: The meniscus is part of the knee that absorbs the shock applied on the knees when doing activities, like sports. Learn more. 
  • Patellar Tendinitis: Tendons are thick muscles that attach muscles to bones. Patellar tendinitis is the inflammation and swelling of the tendon in the patella, occurring if the patellar tendon connecting the kneecap to the shinbone gets injured. Learn more.

You get a separate shoulder when the ligament holding the collarbone to the clavicle gets injured, typically due to impact. Swimmers, football and hockey players, and other athletes that use their shoulders often experience this injury.

A joint can become dislocated, or out of place, through a collision, accident, or direct blow of any kind. When dislocations occur, they are painful and may cause temporary immobilization until the bones are back in place.

Middlesex Health Physical Rehabilitation

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