Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is key to recovery from many orthopedic conditions and procedures. Middlesex Health offers comprehensive physical and occupational rehab services at numerous convenient locations.

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Hip Replacement

Hip replacements that are safer, more effective, and more successful than ever.

At Middlesex Health, our orthopedic experts perform cutting edge hip replacement surgeries using advanced surgical technology and the highest-quality prosthetic joints. If you have sustained severe damage to your hip from arthritis or other degenerative joint disorders, our team will work with you to identify the best procedure to get you back to your life sooner, with less pain, and with more mobility.

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Total hip replacement surgery involves multiple steps:

  • Step 1: The removal of the diseased head (ball) of your hip joint.
  • Step 2: The placement of a metal stem into your thigh (femur) bone
  • Step 3: The placement of a metal or ceramic ball on the stem, forming the first half of the new hip joint.
  • Step 4: The reshaping of the pelvis section and lining of the area with a metal or ceramic cup, creating a new socket for the ball to sit in. The socket may also receive a plastic liner to keep the new joint moving smoothly.
  • Step 5: The movement of the ball into the socket to restore movement and create the new joint.

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Anterior approach hip replacement surgery follows the same general steps as traditional hip replacement.

However, there a key difference: with the anterior approach to hip replacement, an orthopedic surgeon accesses the hip joint by entering through the front of the body. The surgeon maneuvers between the hip muscles that help hold the hip joint in place. Smaller incisions are possible with this procedure versus traditional hip surgery.

The anterior approach to total hip replacement is becoming more popular because:

  • it is less invasive
  • hospital stays are shorter
  • recovery and rehabilitation are quicker

This less invasive surgery is especially appropriate for patients who are active and eager to return to work and their daily activities as quickly as possible.

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Our Joint Replacement Nurse Navigator guides patients though the entire orthopedic surgery process, from pre-surgery to recovery and rehabilitation.

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