A rare but serious illness that spreads through sick animals or tainted animal products.


Anthrax is a disease that is caused by germs called bacteria. Most often, the germs infect livestock and wild game. But they can infect people who come in contact with sick animals or their meat or hides. Infections also can happen after breathing in cells called spores from the bacteria.


Anthrax symptoms can include skin sores, vomiting and shock. The exact symptoms depend on how a person becomes infected by the germs that cause anthrax. Most often, symptoms start within six days of being exposed to the bacteria.


Anthrax treatment involves taking medicines called antibiotics that clear up the infection and medicine called antitoxin. Quick treatment can cure most anthrax infections. Treatments for severe anthrax also can include using a machine to help with breathing, getting fluids, and taking medicines to tighten blood vessels and raise blood pressure.

Last Updated Jan 10, 2024

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