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Elbow Surgery

Cutting-edge elbow replacement surgery, to preserve your joints and relieve your pain.

Most people do not give their elbow a second thought, but when you have pain, weakness, or other injury to this joint, almost every activity becomes a burden. Joint replacement surgery is an option to address many causes of joint disease, and our expert orthopedic surgeons use advanced methods to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Elbow replacement surgery is used to treat badly damaged and painful joints. Damage and pain can result from conditions such as:

  • arthritis: inflammation of the joint
  • osteoporosis: loss of bone density and increase in bone brittleness

While these are the most common reasons for elbow replacement, surgery may be appropriate for other conditions. Your doctor can help you determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

Our orthopedic surgery team specializes in a variety of diagnostic procedures designed to carefully analyze your elbow injury or condition and determine the best course of action.

You may be a good candidate for elbow replacement surgery if non-surgical treatments and medications are not effective in treating your condition, or if these methods stop working for you.

Elbow replacement surgery is a procedure - performed by one of our expert orthopedic surgeons - that uses artificial joints to replace damaged or weakened joints. Your surgeon will remove the injured bone and implant a prosthesis made of plastic and metal.

The plastic and metal pieces of the new joint are designed to fit together and rub smoothly, so that you don't have pain when you move your elbow.

Following surgery, physical rehabilitation will play a vital role in getting you back to your daily activities. Your rehabilitation plan will focus on regaining strength, agility, and motion - this promotes healthy healing for a quicker recovery.

Your Nurse Navigator

Our Joint Replacement Nurse Navigator guides patients though the entire orthopedic surgery process, from pre-surgery to recovery and rehabilitation.

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