Additional Spine Services

Middlesex Health also provides advanced surgery for neurologic disorders that affect the spine. 

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Pioneering minimally invasive techniques for more effective treatment and faster recovery from spinal surgery.

Back and neck pain can occur for many reasons, ranging from an accident to a degenerative condition, such as spinal stenosis. At Middlesex Health, we are prepared to provide cutting-edge care no matter the cause of your spinal illness or injury. 

ExcelsiusGPS® Robot-Assisted Spine Surgery

Specialty Care

ExcelsiusGPS® Robot-Assisted Surgery is among the most advanced options for spinal fusion surgery available today. There are numerous benefits for patients and doctors alike, and our expert surgeons are specially trained in using this technology.

ExcelsiusGPS® provides an extra layer of precision for all types of spinal fusion procedures, for anyone suffering from back or neck problems due to accidents, injuries, spinal stenosis or a variety of other degenerative conditions.

Because they use smaller incisions, all minimally invasive spine surgeries can offer important benefits like less blood loss, less muscle damage and a shorter recovery time—but ExcelsiusGPS® has even more advantages for our surgeons and patients, including:

  • real time viewing of your anatomy for increased safety and accuracy
  • more precise positioning of implants during surgery
  • less exposure to radiation, offering less risk to patients, doctors and staff
  • potentially faster surgery time