Admissions & Discharge

Members of our Hospital Access staff provide patients with a variety of services. You can easily identify our Hospital Access staff by their tan-colored uniform tops.

Hospital Access Staff

Hospital Access Representatives are often the first people patients meet at the hospital. They are responsible for collecting and verify important information about each patient, including demographic and insurance information.

Hospital Access Representatives are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the admission process, beginning as soon as your doctor orders determines the need for an inpatient or outpatient service.

Hospital Access Representatives help patients and their families begin the process for financial assistance. This includes providing the necessary forms and contact information for the hospital's financial counselors. Middlesex Hospital has very liberal financial assistance program guidelines.

Registration & Pre-Registration

Whether you will be staying with us or are having an outpatient procedure or test performed, you should consult with your physician or their healthcare team for answers to your questions and receive the proper steps to prepare for your visit.

Patients should plan to arrive on time, or even a little early, so that you won’t be rushed as you park and come into the hospital. This will also allow us more time to process your insurance and billing information correctly.

For outpatient visits, please try to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow for registration. For inpatient procedures, please arrive by the specific time requested by our admitting staff or your physician’s office.

If you have not pre-registered for you visit or stay at the hospital, please visit the Hospital Access Department (Patient Registration) when you arrive. A Hospital Access Representative will help you complete your registration. Be sure to bring your health insurance card, picture identification, such as a driver’s license, any referral and/or authorization forms, and your co-payment or deductible payment if required by your insurance company.

Discharge Planning

Your doctor will let you know which day you will be discharged, or ready to go home, from the hospital. We ask that you make arrangements ahead of time with family members or friends for a ride home.

Before your discharge, your nurse will bring you a set of directions for you to follow once you leave the hospital. These directions could include information such as: how to take your medications, what to eat, when to call your doctor, what kind of activity you can do, how to bathe (if you have bandages or wounds), and when you can return to work. The discharge directions provide guidelines for how to best take care of yourself after you leave the hospital.

Depending on your health, you might need more care after you are discharged from the hospital. Some patients need home care services, special equipment, or a short stay in a rehabilitation facility. If your doctor determines this is true for you, one of our case management nurses and a social worker will stop by your room to talk with you about leaving the hospital, and to assist with a plan for your discharge.

Your Care at Home

When you or a loved one require care at home, you want someone you can trust, someone with experience and expertise who’ll provide professional care with a compassionate touch. Middlesex Health Care at Home offers more than 100 years of experience serving the needs of people in Middlesex County and beyond.

Our award-winning staff of skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals is consistently recognized for exceptionally high levels of care and patient satisfaction. Consult your physician on what home care services you may need.