Middlesex Health Spiritual Care

Rev. Dr. YangHee (Christine) Stopka

At Middlesex Health, we are committed to providing compassionate care that respects the beliefs and needs of each person. Our philosophy is that healing involves the whole person - mind, body, and soul. Therefore, our spiritual care department supports patients, their loved ones, hospital employees, and volunteers as they cope with the emotional and spiritual impact of illness, injury, or crisis.

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Bereavement Support Group

Bereavement Support Group

Although there are no magic cures or shortcuts through grief, opportunities do exist to help ease the pain, draw strength and courage to go on, and discover once again fulfillment and meaning in life. Middlesex Health offers Bereavement Support Groups for families who have experienced the death of a loved one. 

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When Should I Contact Spiritual Care

  • You would like to talk to someone about your faith
  • You feel alone with burdens and issues of diagnosis 
  • You are faced with difficult treatment choices 
  • There is a moral or ethical question you would like to discuss confidentially. 
  • You are afraid and want someone to be with you 
  • You would like to receive communion 
  • If you would like to request a religious ritual specific to your tradition or situation 
  • You would like someone to pray with
  • You are grieving a loss

How to Navigate the Journey of Grief

Dennis McCann, Middlesex Health Per Diem Chaplain, discusses the journey of grief and the valuable tools one can use to make this personal journey less daunting.